Updated guidelines Feb 2022

We met with Fr. Chris this week to review some procedures and policies.
  • He would like us to remind you that servers should be arriving for mass 15 minutes before mass begins.  He has noticed a new trend where servers are sliding in at the last minute.
  • He also wants to reinforce the dress code.  See attachment below.
  • He is asking servers to check the altar before mass.  If the book or chalice are still on the altar, please move them to the credence table.  They will then need to bring them to the altar during the offertory (while the collection is being taken up).
  • Fr. Chris has made a slight change to the recessional procession (at the end of mass).  If there are only 2 servers, the servers without the cross should follow the cross to the aisle and line up on the diamond in line with the cross.  (Think of a baseball diamond – the cross is at 2nd base, the other server should be at home plate.)
Finally, we have approximately 6-7 new servers coming on in April.   We will be having a practice tonight (2/5) and next Saturday (2/12) after 5:00 mass.  If anyone wants to review procedures, please feel free to attend.
The new servers  will be shadowing on existing teams during February(after break) and March.    If you see an unfamiliar face in the sacristy before mass, please introduce yourself and help them find an alb.  They are there mostly to observe upclose before serving fully.  Feel free to quitely explain what you are doing.  Feel free to give them a small task if you think they can handle it.  They will need some direction.
Thank you for all your time and effort to this ministry.



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