Phase 3 Re-opening

The Church can now allow 30% of seating capacity. We have adjusted the seating restriction to every other pew.  We ask that we maintain 6 feet distance, and to always wear your mask. Masks must be worn over nose and mouth for it to serve its purpose.  For the reception of Holy Communion, we ask that you be seated to wait for directions from the ushers.  Join the communion line, one row at a time starting from the front. Always maintain 6 feet distance from the person in front of you. When receiving with your hands, please fully open both palms flat, so the priest can more easily hand the Body of Christ to you. Click “More Info” to see the seating diagram.

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Parishioner Registration

Are you registered? We would like for you to become an official member of the Saints Cyril and Methodius Parish Family. Registration Updating Drive. February to June 2020.

Registration Form

After completion, please do one of the following:
A. Email to
B. Snail mail printed copy
C. Drop off at the Parish Center