“Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam – For the Greater Glory of God” – Pastoral Letter from Bishop Barres

“Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam – For the Greater Glory of God”is a new pastoral letter from Bishop Barres introducing the Ignatian Year (May 20, 2021 – July 31, 2022).  This pastoral letter sets the stage for what is to come here in the Diocese.  The Ignatian Year begins on May 20, the 500-year anniversary of Ignatius’ wounding and spiritual conversion in Pamplona, Spain and concludes on July 21, 2022, the anniversary of St. Ignatius’ passing into eternal life.   Several of our priests are working on a series of reflections that will come out over the course of the year that begin an exploration of the life and legacy of St. Ignatius.  They will connect the Ignatian legacy with our legacy in 2021.  A Spanish language version will be sent separately. You are invited to share this letter with your parishioners. It will also appear in the May edition of The Long Island Catholic Magazine.

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